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What makes laminate a top flooring option?

All of the hard surface flooring options out there are, well let's face it, overwhelming! Flooring is an investment all around and purchase decisions should not be made lightly; between devoting time to research and possibly multiple trips to your local flooring store it quickly becomes time consuming but how do you choose the right flooring? There are pros and cons to each flooring option; laminate, proves to be a worthy option compared to it's other hard surface opponents.


1. First off, Laminate is considerably appealing to those who are striving for a hardwood, tile, or stone appearance. Its high-resolution photography perfectly mimics the true look you desire. Hardwood designs range from high-gloss dark mahogany looks to rustic, hand-scraped hickory visuals with a natural finish. Tiles range from ceramic looks to high-end limestone and marble images that will add elegance to any room. Generally, laminate is less expensive; however, you don't loose the value or quality, high-end look.


2. With laminate, you get to enjoy you're beautiful floor without having to spend much time maintaining and cleaning it. Out of all flooring options available, laminate proves to be the lowest maintenance of all. Other perks laminate offers include eco-friendly attributes and an allergen-free surface.

Dual Purpose

3. While design is pertinent, so is functionality. Laminate holds up to high amounts of traffic and with special design features, prevents excessive wear from other elements. Our carpet one exclusive brands offer innovative technology patented locking system that prevents dust, dirt and moisture from seeping under the floor. Growth of mold and mildew is prevented while maintaining a healthier floor and more secure installation process.

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