Relax, it's... Lees

Lees is a top-tier carpet that provides performance and beauty fitting any lifestyle!

Carpet One

Felds Carpet One Floor & Home in Avon, IN brings to you a truly, one-of-a-kind flooring and carpet option- Relax, It’s… Lees. That’s right, Lees is back for it’s annual promotion. During our flooring sale, we are offering customers up to 50% in savings on store wide products. From inspiration through to completion, we are dedicated to finding you a flooring solution that fits your needs, style, while remaining functional and long-lasting. 

Unbeatable Brand

Lees offers not just a carpet option, it brings purpose to a new light. You never have to worry about unholy stains again! Have kids? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Pets? Not a problem. Are you great hosts for family gatherings, or the occasional Saturday night crew? We understand life is messy and we don’t want you to become stressed or overwhelmed when considering carpet versus hard surface flooring like wood flooring or laminate. 

Lees 4x Protection

With our Lees Nylon 4x protection, say goodbye to stains! This material not only repels stain but it prevents the most unwanted liquids like pet stains, coffee, and wine from settling deep within carpets.

The ExtraLoc backing is much denser than traditional carpet backing which ultimately means that it lasts four times longer, too! This provides the ultimate strength and durability needed in active households to keep your carpet looking beautiful for years to come.

Ultra25 Stain Warranty

Nothing reads 100% satisfaction guaranteed like this warranty… for 25 years, our Ultra25 stain warranty covers stains most other carpet brands will not and this included ALL STAINS as well as hallways or stairs. 

With our Beautiful Guarantee, our above and beyond warranty as well as unique features, we are committed to this hallmark brand! Not just because it’s an exclusive brand to us but because the tests have been tried and true- with Lees you can’t go wrong. Contact Us Today with any questions or Get a Free Estimate.

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